Time saver tip for Windows - Launchy

Launchy is a simple, light-weight, open-source application that allows you to open applications by searching for them.  Once you’ve installed the app, hit ALT+SPACE and the little launchy window appears allowing you to search for the application you want to open. Mac users have had the same thing for a long time with Quicksilver.

Woah - check out that download speed!

I just noticed that Steam is reporting a download speed of 88,084,992 MB/s - w00t!

Steam Download Speed

I really hope not, that would mean my monthly download quota of 50 gigs would be used up about 1700 times per second.

Role Playing, Nerds, and Summoner Geeks

Note: This post will probably only make sense if you've played D&D before - but you may find it amusing either way.

This page makes a funny point about the examples of play that are given in RPG (like Dungeons and Dragons) rule books:

PayPal now allows you to save your Buy Now buttons

Man this has been a long time coming. PayPal’s encrypted Buy Now buttons were always a pain in the ass because if you needed to change anything about the product (like the price), you needed to recreate the button from scratch. What made it even worse is that if you weren’t the person that set it up in the first place, you had to guess all the variables when you recreated it.

Simple GTD Tip: Use your calendar or scheduler to take things off your to-do list

Simple GTD TipI first read Getting Things Done by David Allen in about May 2007 and since then I’ve been using most of the concepts in my work life and it has probably saved me hundreds of hours and reduced my stress incredibly.

But there is one thing that I didn’t quite get until last week, that looking back now seems pretty stupid. When an email comes into my inbox that is actionable, I would star it and then archive it (I use Gmail for all my email these days). I did do this for all action items, regardless of whether or not they could be done at any time. Last week I realised that about 15% of my next actions couldn’t actually be done until some date in the future. These items were polluting my next action list and I was unconsciously filling up mental ram even though there was nothing I could do about them.

Using the Ubiquity Firefox extension to create Drupal nodes

The Ubiquity extension for Firefox is an awesome tool that allows you to download user created mashups to do some really cool things in your browser. The video below shows the power of what it can do.

Barack Obama is running Google Website Optimizer

I was having a look at BarackObama.com yesterday and noticed that they are doing some multivariate testing on the namesqueeze page to increase the number of signups. The variables they are testing are the background image on the page and the message just above the signup box.

Watch this video when you have a spare hour

(The preview image doesn't reflect the content...)

Thanks to ProBlogger.

Google.com redirecting to Google.co.jp (or other languages)

I had a weird problem with Google this week at work where Google thought that I was in Japan and therefore redirected me to Google.co.jp. It was working fine for me during the morning, but all of a sudden every search I did took me to Google.co.jp and returned results in Japanese. This happened for at least two other people in the office.

Pay attention to the little things

Pay attention to the little thingsThis is particularly important to freelance web developers.

A colleague of mine is so thorough with his projects that some would call him a bit anal. But no one complains, because the work rarely ever needs to go back for a second revision. I’d like to think I’m the same. Going beyond the exact scope of a task to make sure the job is done the right way the first time. Sure, it might take a bit more time now, but it will save a lot of time down the track.