Time saver tip for Windows - Launchy

Launchy is a simple, light-weight, open-source application that allows you to open applications by searching for them.  Once you’ve installed the app, hit ALT+SPACE and the little launchy window appears allowing you to search for the application you want to open. Mac users have had the same thing for a long time with Quicksilver.

Apart from just launching applications much quicker than finding them in the quick start or god-forbid the Start Menu > Applications (which has, admittedly, improved a lot in Vista), it is also very useful as a simple calculator. Just launch Launchy (ALT+SPACE) and start typing in what you need to calculate.

Launchy also has a bunch of skins and plugins but I haven’t used any of them. If you know of any really useful ones, let me know in the comments.


I'd also recommend this software called Rescue Time, it works out which websites you visit the most and gives you a graph so you can see just how much time you waste on facebook/twitter :D

Yeah, Rescue Time is great. I've been running it for about 6 months and my efficiency score is 1.28 (based on 8-6pm Monday till Friday). Rescue Time combined with Toggl (a time tracking app that works like a time sheet) is a great way to see which tasks are taking up the majority of your time and where you are wasting time.

man ur blog says your a Drupal Evangelist ... I can no longer visit this un-wordpressed website :)

It's blasphemy...

but if you can work out how to move a 160mb database and about 10gb of media data from WP to Drupal - let me know :)

Heh, Drupal rocks man. Anyway, here is a pretty good case study of moving a large site (600mb db) from WP to Drupal.

It's all about the prep :)